Employees are the most valuable asset of any business. It is important for employees to stay in good health to perform their best work and grow alongside the company. An all-rounded medical scheme is essential to retain manpower stability and attract new talents, thus enhancing the overall productivity and business competitiveness.

The subsidiary of MediNet Group, MediNet Services Limited, offers comprehensive medical and healthcare services to over 300,000 employees from local and foreign organizations in Hong Kong, through its well-covered network of 400 clinics and medical professionals. Tailored employee medical scheme is designed according to the requirement on medical coverage and financial budget of the corporate client. With the well-developed management system and supporting facilities, we persistently deliver convenient, reliable and top-quality medical services to scheme members.

Tailored Medical Scheme

Our employee medical scheme covers a wide variety of services, including out-patient medical services, vaccination, health check-up, pre-employment health check, executive health check, work injury assessment, dental care, etc. The scheme can be customized according to clients’ specific requirements.

Other supporting services are also offered to our corporate clients, including: