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About Us

Business Strength

Our competitive strengths include:

1. Well-established Presence in the Corporate Medical Solutions Industry in Hong Kong and Well-established MediNet Network

We have an operating history of over 20 years in Hong Kong. We are one of the major corporate medical solutions providers in Hong Kong engaged in the design and administration of tailored medical benefits plans for Contract Customers.

2. Long-term Rapport with Major Customers and Service Suppliers

Our Group has long-standing business relationship with our major customers and service suppliers. Our Group is able to satisfy customers’ needs and to design tailor-made medical and dental benefits plans for our Contract Customers. The close relationship with our customers can be leveraged on to further develop new business opportunities.

3. Experienced and Dedicated Team

Our Group has an experienced management team in the medical and dental services industry, which also accumulated extensive experience in the business development and day-to-day operation of our Group.